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More on . . . WINZIG LOGO: Winzig Consulting Services provides excellent technical writing services. Services and products include technical documentation, user manuals, newsletters, reference guides, web page editing, software documentation, on-line help, business policies, work procedures and business plans. It has been in business since 1990, has software development experience dating back to 1977, and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  
COMPUTER IMAGE: Technical writing strengthened by a background in software development.Software Background
Augments Technical
Writing Skills

Your technical writing projects will benefit from a technical background in software development and support since 1977.

Technical Roles:

  • Analyst for a Wall Street brokerage firm's order processing system on an IBM 3080 mainframe at a custom software company.

  • Help desk support for buyers using a purchase order management system on an IBM 370-158 mainframe computer at a retail firm.

  • Installation and hotline support for banking software on an IBM System/34 mid-range computer at a software products firm.

  • Programmer for mortgage servicing applications on an IBM 370/145 mainframe computer at a savings bank.

  • Programming manager for banking software on an IBM System/36 mid-range computer at a software products firm.

  • Project leader for mortgage servicing applications on an IBM 3031 mainframe computer at a savings bank and an IBM 4331 mainframe computer at a commercial bank.

  • Technical writer for user and technical documentation and newsletters for applications running in client/server environments as well as on mainframe and mid-range computers in a wide range of industries.

  • Training coordinator for training courses for IBM 3090 mainframe applications at a custom software company.

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