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WINZIG CONSULTING SERVICES LOGO: Winzig Consulting Services provides excellent technical writing services. Services and products include technical documentation, user manuals, newsletters, reference guides, web page editing, software documentation, on-line help, business policies, work procedures and business plans. It has been in business since 1990, has software development experience dating back to 1977, and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
WINZIG CONSULTING SERVICES PHOTO: Winzig Consulting Services is a Minneapolis, Minnesota company started in 1990 as a sole proprietorship and incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company. It provides technical writing and technical editing services with low overhead to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. It also offers HTML editing and web publishing services for content-oriented web sites. Technical Writing
Technical Editing
HTML Editing
Web Site Publishing
Winzig Consulting Services, LLC
provides technical writing and technical editing services with low overhead to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. It also offers HTML editing and web publishing services for content-oriented web sites. It is a Minneapolis, Minnesota company that was started as a sole proprietorship by Jerome F. Winzig in 1990 and incorporated as a limited liability company (LLC) in 2005.
As of November 1, 2008, Winzig Consulting Services, LLC is no longer seeking or accepting new business because Mr. Winzig has accepted a position as a full-time employee with one of Winzig Consulting Services' major clients. If you are looking for a technical writer, please see the Minneapolis Technical Writer web site.
Winzig Consulting Services, LLC was originally formed in 1990 as a sole proprietorship by Jerome F. Winzig, a Minneapolis technical writer and editor who specializes in providing technical documentation for information technology. In 2005 it incorporated as a single-member limited liability company (LLC).

From the beginning, its success has been based on a couple of key advantages. First, Mr. Winzig had thirteen years of prior experience in software development from 1977 to 1989 (as a help desk staff person, programmer, systems analyst, project leader, manager, and training coordinator). Second, he had experience and expertise in writing and composition as an English major (B.A. and M.A.) and English teacher.

At the same time, in eighteen years of technical writing and editing Mr. Winzig has had diverse experience in a wide range of other disciplines and industry sectors. (See Diverse Disciplines below.)

Client Advantages
Clients of Winzig Consulting Services, LLC benefit from:

  • Eighteen years of full-time experience as a technical writer and technical editor, producing over 260 products and projects for more than 30 clients since 1990.

  • Familiarity with HTML design, editing, and publishing for ten informational web sites, beginning in 1998.

  • Prior background in software development, with thirteen years of experience in a range of technical roles in private industry from 1977 to 1989.

  • Ongoing experience in information technology and other disciplines doing technical writing and editing since 1990. (See Writing Samples.)

  • Writing expertise and interest that led to two degrees in English: a B.A. in 1968 and an M.A. in 1975.

  • A background in training that includes experience as a training coordinator for a software firm (1987-89) and a high school English teacher (1975-76), as well as an M.A. in Teaching in 1969.

  • Writing, editing, and publishing experience writing articles for two non-technical publications, a weekly web-based opinion column from 2000 to 2004 and a quarterly periodical from 1997 to the present.

Low Overhead
As a single-member limited liability company, Winzig Consulting Services, LLC is able to lower its overhead costs in several ways, thereby benefiting its clients:

  • Filing fees and annual fees are minimal or non-existent.

  • Simpler accounting requirements do not require the services of an accountant.

  • Less complex tax payment and reporting requirements do not require the services of a professional tax preparer.

  • Minimal legal requirements mean minimal legal costs.

  • The use of a home office eliminates office rent expenses and greatly reduces utility expenses.
At the same time, Winzig Consulting Services, LLC meets all normal statutory and business requirements. Its business name has been registered with the State of Minnesota since 1990. It was incorporated as a limited liability company (LLC) in 2005. It carries a full complement of insurance, including a business key policy and a workers' compensation and employers' liability policy covering any potential employees.

Diverse Disciplines
Winzig Consulting Services, LLC has broad exposure to a wide range of disciplines, industry sectors, and organizations while writing documentation products for:
• Adhesives
• Agricultural commodities
• Architectural design
• Brokerage services
• Campus ministry
• Church web sites
• Cereal production
• Chinese history
• College education
• Commercial banking
• Computer manufacturing
• Customer satisfaction research
• Data replication software
• Department store retailing
• Electric utility engineering services
• Exercise equipment manufacturing
• Field crops
• Food products
• Food security
• High availability failover software
• Graduate school education
• High school education
• Imaging and workflow processes
• Insurance
• Legal practice
• Logistics management
• Marketing research
• Medical technology devices
• Mortgage banking and servicing
• Plant operations
• Plastic products
• Plumbing manufacturing
• Social services
• Software development
• Telecommunications
• Telemarketing
• Testing and assessments
• Tools and equipment
• Weather information
• Youth Services
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DOCUMENT IMAGE: Writing experience includes user guides, reference manuals, policies and procedures, technical editing, training manuals, newsletters, business plans, on-line help, technical documentation, and web page editing.


• Business plans
• Configuration guides
• Installation instructions
• On-line help
• Policies
• Procedures
• Reference manuals
• Training manuals
• Technical newsletters
• User guides
• Web page design
• Web page editing
Technical writing since 1990, including user manuals, newsletters, reference manuals, web pages, technical documentation, on-line help, and business plans. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
COMPUTER IMAGE: Software skills used in technical writing and web page design include Microsoft Word, AmiPro, Word Pro, HomeSite, HotMetal Pro, Paint Shop Pro, Ulead Graphics, and RoboHelp.


 • Adobe Photoshop
 • Allaire HomeSite
 • Corel WordPerfect
 • eHelp RoboHelp
 • Jasc Paint Shop Pro
 • Lotus AmiPro
 • Lotus Word Pro/SmartSuite
 • Macromedia Dreamweaver
 • Microsoft Front Page
 • Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
 • Microsoft Word/Office
 • SoftQuad HotMetal Pro

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PC    Equipment and Resources    Printer

State-of-the-art equipment, resources, and best practices are essential to providing high-quality technical writing and editing services. These include:
  • Hardware and software upgrades (Windows XP Pro SP2/Microsoft Office 2003 SP2)
  • DSL Internet and e-mail access (272 Kbps up, 640 Kbps down)
  • Regular incremental and complete backups (Second Copy 2000)
  • File transfer capabilities (FTP, web site, CD-RW, and zip drive)
  • Anti-virus, firewall, and antispyware protection (ZoneAlarm Security Suite)

Directory of Minneapolis/St. Paul
Technical Writers and Editors

With many search engines, it can be difficult for clients to find technical writers and editors. In a search for "Minneapolis technical writer" on Google, for example, the first 100 results usually yield a handful of technical writers or technical writing firms located in or serving Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some search engines do a better job. However, searching for such combinations as "Minneapolis technical documentation", "Minneapolis freelance technical writer", "Minneapolis contract technical writer", "Minneapolis documentation specialist", "technical writer resume Minneapolis", "Minnesota freelance technical writer", "Minnesota contract technical writer", "Twin Cities technical writer", "Minnesota documentation specialist", "finding good technical writers in Minneapolis", "identifying technical writers in Minnesota", or other variations can be problematic. At best, the results may include links to technical writers from other parts of the country whose resumes mention the word "Minneapolis" or " Minnesota". At worst, the results may also include links to irrelevant or out-dated web sites that just happen to include those search words, including generic "work at home" sites. None of this makes it easy for prospective clients to find technical writers and editors.

For that reason, Winzig Consulting Services, LLC maintains a
Directory of Technical Writers and Editors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area on our Minneapolis Technical Writer web site. You can also search our Web Resources page for other web resources on technical writing.

Common Billing Rates
for Technical Writers and Editors

Are you unsure of the going billing rates for technical writers and editors? Listed below are links to a few third-party listings of common rates.
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