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More on . . . WINZIG LOGO: Winzig Consulting Services provides excellent technical writing services. Services and products include technical documentation, user manuals, newsletters, reference guides, web page editing, software documentation, on-line help, business policies, work procedures and business plans. It has been in business since 1990, has software development experience dating back to 1977, and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  
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Insource Staffing (a.k.a. Insource Solutions, 1 Editorial Writing, 1 Technical Writing, and Editor's Ink)
Many or all of these generate numerous lengthy Active Server Pages with multiple links (including ones for this site). These pages often show up in search engines. During the search, however, these ASP pages, though listed, are never accessible. Clicking on them leads only to the parent site and not to any of the content listed in the search. A search for this site's URL or title, for example, can sometimes yield dozens of ASP page listings for Insource Solutions and its affiliates. These listings have page titles like "California writing services," "Wyoming writing services," "North Carolina writing services," "Minnesota writing services," "Minneapolis editing services," and "temporary tech writers." However, none of them link to this site or to the listed ASP page containing the content (such as,,,, or Instead, they all go to the main page on one of Insource Solutions' affiliate sites. If you view the search engines' cached ASP pages, you may find over a hundred technical writer links per page. Apparently these links are harvested in a disingenuous attempt to direct traffic to Insource Solutions, since they're somehow picked up by search engines even though none of the ASP pages containing these links are ever currently available.

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