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Becoming a Multi-Racial Family


Global Mom

Lana Noone with Byron, Jennie and Jason Noone

Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD; 2003



Review by Jerry Winzig



Global Mom by Lana Noone is a short (26 page) essay on an international adoptive family.  Much of it rings true for this adoptive father, especially when she says, "Your family has now become 'transracial' and 'transcultural' and will be so forever."  More tellingly, she also says, "The most difficult problem that your global family will face is racism.  It may be subtle or blatant, but it always causes great pain, and it will impact your child in ways that you may never completely understand."


This short book should be helpful for couples who are contemplating international adoption without having thought through the implications of becoming a multi-racial family.  Too often, this lack of awareness leads to serious problems, especially for families living in all-white or mostly-white communities.  The essays at the end by Noone's two children are especially helpful in this regard.  Jennifer Nguyen Noone writes, "I've realized that as a child it's difficult to be 'different.'  It wasn't as difficult being an adoptee as it was being Asian."


Perhaps Global Mom should be required reading for all who are pondering trans-racial adoption.



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